THE Team



elijah yetter-bowman

Director, Producer, Editor and Narrator

Since a young age, Elijah has been dedicated to film, medical science, and music. He studied chemistry and philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill. This diverse background places him in a unique position to connect the many facets in the PFAS story.

Gill Holland

Executive Producer

Gill is an award-winning and seasoned film producer with over 100 production credits to date. He is a two-time graduate from UNC Chapel Hill and joined the project as a strong advocate of clean water. He also owns and operates the media production company, The Group Entertainment LLC.

sammy bauer

Assistant Director and Executive Producer

Sammy has a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a BA in Communications from UNC Chapel Hill. An educator at heart, Sammy focuses on accessibility and accuracy in the film while also serving as the project manager.

Carrie Lederer


Carrie has spent over twenty years flying around the world and engaging with different cultures as a do-it-all documentary filmmaker. She is an extremely passionate individual dedicated to her craft and runs her own company, Carrier Pigeon Productions.

anna mann

Director of Photography and Co-Producer

Anna has a degree in film and video production technology from Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) and is working on a bachelor’s degree at UNC Wilmington currently. Anna hopes to explore environmental history, policy, and activism at UNCW. She also founded Carolina Pine Productions (CPP) in 2014 which documents an array of musicians in the Carolina Pine Music Series.

Bri mellott

Production Designer

Bri is one half of the Animation & Design Team. A Wilmington, NC-based art instructor and illustrator, Bri teaches classes in photography and murals at Dreams Center for Arts Education. Passionate about water rights and gardening, she treasures the delicate, precious, and uniquely varied ecosystems that make North Carolina such a fascinating place to live.

heather divoky

Artistic Director

Heather is the other half of the Animation & Design Team. She has a BA and Masters in Arts and Culture from Leiden University. She works in marketing, design, nonprofit, and as an internationally-shown artist. Heather's primary concern with design is marrying form and function, which means creating work that is visually appealing but also carries a message.

tanner king


Tanner has a BA in Media Production and Film Studies from UNC Chapel Hill. Tanner co-founded Three Attic Entertainment as an outlet for North Carolina artistic talent to foster the local cinematic community.

Christopher Allen

Editor and Videographer

Chris graduated with a BA in Media Production and Communications from UNC Chapel Hill. He co-founded media company Three Attic Entertainment with Tanner. Chris has collaborated with a multitude of filmmakers, musicians, and businesses within the area.

adrien kohann

Camera Operator

After studying engineering at the University of Tennessee, Adrien decided to pursue a career in film. He moved to Wilmington to study film production at Cape Fear Community College. 

James F Brown III


James composes scores for a number of agencies including Moon & Sun, SIIX Trailer Music and Sound, and Gothic Storm. Most recently known for promotional sound design of A Quiet Place (2018).

bennett todd

Aerial Cinematographer

Bennett is the founder of Cloud Act Aerial Film and Photography, a subset of Runic Picture Studios located in Wilmington, NC. Cloud Act supplies aerial footage for a wide variety of media applications across the country.