Our Partners

Here are some key figures which publicly stand with us and our message.


Cape fear River watch

An environmental nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded to protect and advance the quality of water throughout the Lower Cape Fear River Basin. CFRW regularly monitors the water to keep an active understanding of any contamination. They also promote awareness of ecological needs with community events, eco-tours and educational presentations.


Dr. matthew Lockett

An Analytical Chemistry professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who works with an array of analysis techniques. Dr. Lockett joined forces with us in late 2017 to help expand our network of experts, give insight into the topic and help ensure the scientific integrity of our project.


Clean cape fear

A coalition of educators, advocacy groups, community leaders and trained professionals banded together to tackle the pollution problem of the Cape Fear River water. We partnered with CCF in early 2018 to tap into the network they have established across the East Coast and amplify the voice of affected communities.

Jordan Schroeder

A film instructor and PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializing in global cinema and critical theory. Jordan has been closely advising Elijah for project development from its beginning for filmic and logistical planning.

Community Advocates

Groups we are in contact with to highlight impacted communities.

pfoa project ny

A social media page developed to spread awareness of PFAS contamination. This came in response to a family learning that their children had exceedingly high levels of different PFASs. This page is based out of Hoosick Falls, NY.

NY Water Project

A community team of individuals from Hoosick Falls, NY that banded together to spread awareness of the global risks associated with PFAS contamination. One among many groups which demonstrate the daunting ubiquity of the compounds.


North Carolina stop gen-x in our water

A non-profit group founded to consolidate and to share information and resources related to PFASs in North Carolina water. They seek to contact and inform the broader affected communities to protect human health.

Your Turnout gear and pfoa

This community group was formed to educate the public on the work-place hazards which Firefighters are regularly exposed to. Namely, PFASs which are embedded in turnout gear and the active ingredients in the most prevalent firefighting foams (AFFF). More info here.